Holly  Nazario
Senior Artist/Team Coordinator
“Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”


I am blessed enough to do just that!  Growing up I was not your typical girl who was always into hair and makeup, much less the girl you would expect to be working in it and loving it!  I had a hairstylist in high school who would tell me every time I would see her, to NEVER be a hairstylist! And I agreed, she seemed so miserable, why would I do what she was doing?!    

But as I headed off to USF for my undergrad degree in social work, God had other plans! I had no idea that the career I would ultimately come to be so passionate about, was literally about to be thrown into my path.  Thanks to a best friend who relentlessly dyed her hair every color in the rainbow, and eventually made me visit a salon with her to get it fixed on a dye gone wrong, I crossed paths with a stylist who had so much passion for what he did and convinced me I should too!  With my best friend more excited than I was, I headed off to the local academy to see what the hype was all about.  When I walked in the door, I just knew something felt right!  And from that day on, the passion became my own!!  

Now with years of hair and makeup styling and managing a very busy salon under my belt, a passion and excitement for event styling, and an even bigger love for making people feel beautiful inside and out,  I am truly doing what I love!

As a wife to my best friend, a mommy of 4 amazing children, and leading a team of amazing women doing what we love to do, life is full and rich!

And I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this team of ladies, that is not only called the Collective Creations team, but my friends! 


Amy Tardie
senior Artist

Amy Tardie.jpg

Growing up I didn't really worry about girlie things, I loved books!  My hair was down past my waist and always in the way.  I was very shy and quiet so everyone knew me because of my hair.  When my parents divorced my dad would French braid my hair, because it would last.  When he eventually remarried and my new stepmom and stepsisters moved in, that changed everything!  They took me shopping for "cool clothes" and attacked me in the bathroom with tweezers.  This is how my love for hair and makeup began!

As I got older my passion for it grew and I knew that is what I wanted to go to school for!  In school I instantly loved doing braids and updo’s and I spent a lot of time practicing.  After graduating I worked in full service salons as a cut and color specialist and enjoyed doing weddings on the weekends.

Just recently, my husband, kids, and I moved from Maine to Tampa.  From the moment Holly and I met, we knew I was meant to be a part of this team!  I love being part of the Collective Creations team and working with these amazing women!  It's an honor to be a part of so many special moments in people’s lives.  I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love on weekends and still be able to be with my 2 wonderful children during the week! 


Nazanin Delli Carpini
Team Artist

Denise Burkle.jpg

I've always been fascinated with the creative and artistic avenues of life. Growing up in Germany with my sister, we always used our imaginations as a fuel for entertainment. Whether it was crafting wedding gowns and elaborate dresses with the sheer use of bedsheets or pretending to be on a cooking show and teaching our viewers how to make a dish with a twist, we always had fun and were never left bored due to lack of ideas.

So you can say it came naturally to me to start playing with make up and fashion and even deciding to go to school for Interior Decorating once I moved to the United States. I continued to further my education in the hair and make up industry and through my dear friend Amy, I was introduced to join the Collective Creations team.

I truly believe that God has a purpose for me and I'm desiring to fulfill that each and everyday. Being able to be a part of someone's special day, whether it is their wedding day, engagement, or any sort of photo shoot brings me such joy and honor. It is through my work that I added the word "beautifying" to my vocabulary repertoire, because I truly believe that I am given the opportunity to enhance and bring out a persons inner beauty by simply using a few tools and applying my skills and talent.
Working with a group of very talented and generous ladies has humbled and blessed me beyond words and I count them not only my friends but my eternal blessings.

When I'm not "working", you can usually find me enjoying all the other creative facets of life God has blessed me with. Like spending time with my husband,friends, church and family.  As well as  experimenting with various dishes, etc. You can say as long as I'm creating and crafting in some form or shape I am content.


Monique Payne
Freelance Artist

It started at the wonderful age of 14 when I realized I wanted to do hair. I started braiding hair actually in high school my freshman year, it was my way of being social because everyone wanted their hair braided at the time. By 2004 I got my braiding license at the age of 16 and told my mom I wanted to go to cosmetology school instead of college. So my fun journey began in that same year that I studied under my mentor for 3 years before I went to cosmetology school.  

After a year of schooling I finally got into the world of hair. It wasn't until 2011 that I got into doing makeup as well. I was told by my parents to be well rounded and not have to turn anyone away because "I didn't know how". But really getting into photo shoots and wedding, my favorite, I found my passion to go beyond the salon and make someone look and feel good for their special day!

I'll never say this is my job, everyday I'm doing what I love and am called to do and I couldn't be happier. And I'm so glad to be a part of this amazing team that I can now call family! 


Megan Carter
Office Manager

Nichole Mieir.jpg

Growing up, I was always the responsible one. I would stay after school in 8th grade to help my teacher grade papers, organize things and just enjoy time conversing with adults!  Not only did I love intelligent conversation, I absolutely loved people! Getting different perspectives on life, expanding my mind, and my thirst for adding to my knowledge really drove me! At 15, I began my professional experience in an office environment by becoming a receptionist and my love of people and helping to meet their needs grew exponentially!  Many would say that “I’ve never met a stranger” because I will talk to just about anyone, anywhere and I love it. I have 3 children, ages 2, 9 and 11 – my 2 oldest are exactly like me when it comes to being sociable, starting conversations and forming relationships with people wherever they go! Being the Office Manager for Collective Creations has been so fulfilling to me in so many ways! Not only does it really satisfy my love of people, by working with our amazing team of artists, and  amazing Brides, Clients, and Vendors, but it truly caters to my love of being a Manager.  Handling the day-to-day operations  is such a blessing and no two days are alike! I love the challenge - like putting together the pieces of a puzzle - the interaction with our ladies, coordinating schedules, booking events, planning staff meetings and team events, handling client emails and phone calls, processing payments and paperwork, payroll, and even taxes! I’m definitely a self-proclaimed nerd and have so much passion and fulfillment in contributing to the success of Collective Creations every day. So much so that I have never felt like doing what I do is work, I love it and I am beyond blessed to be a part of this team!

Outside of Collective Creations, you can find me somewhere in the Tampa Bay area creating experiences with my kids!  I love making memories with them that will last a lifetime and I am truly working to make each moment count!  I am also currently attending St Pete College for my A.S in Business Administration/Accounting.  

You could easily define my life’s puzzle as COMPLETE with my Faith, my family and Collective Creations, being the most important pieces!  We say “Do what you love, love what you do” and we truly do!  We are blessed!