Do you Know How to Glow?




         A very simple pick-me-up trick for any makeup look is to add a highlight.  A highlight can come in any form or consistency, and is that product that is used simply to draw attention to the planes of the face on which light naturally lands. Typical placement areas include the tops of the cheek bones, under the brow-bone, at the inner corners of the eyes, down the center of the nose, and at the Cupid's bow - very top of the upper lip.  We have found that a highlight shade may be applied to each of these areas using the same fluffy-type brush; an eyeshadow blending brush, or a small face-brush.  Highlights are most flattering and are best seen when they are slightly shimmery (glitter is a bit too 13-going-on-30) - this effect lends a glow to those areas of the skin.  Why yes, yes I am this naturally luminescent!

Happy highlighting! 

xoxo nichole

Makeup - Does it ALWAYS have to be expensive?!

For the Money:

      We love, love, love to use MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish powders as a highlight - the powders are 'luxurious, velvet-soft, with high-frost metallic finish...add as highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face.'  The domed compacts of pressed, baked-esque powder can be purchased for $30 each, and some of our favorite colors include:  

Limited Edition "Adored" - a 'coral with light beige pearl.'  

"Lightscapade" is a 'soft, candlelit beige with multidimensional shimmer.'

"Soft and Gentle" offers a gorgeous 'gilded peach bronze' shine.   

         Any of the Mineralize Skinfinishes may be used as a highlighter, and stay put all day.  The only two drawbacks that we've noticed with this product are the price, and the soft texture of the pressed powder; when swirling a brush through the product, there is much fallout, because the mineral powder is quite soft.  This just means things can get a bit messy, but for us, the beautiful color payoff is worth a bit of fairy dust on the vanity.

For...HOW much (?!):

        (Trumpet blast!) Enter NYX Loose Pearl Shadow, or Ultra Pearl Mania.  These 'ultra-shimmering, loose shadow powders can be used on eyes and cheeks...finely-milled mineral eye shadows are high-impact, long-lasting—and a little addictive.'  We agree!!!!  (insert excited little-girl screams!!!!!) These little beauties are $3 each (Ulta), are amazingly pigmented, and have incredible staying-power.  Their shine-payoff is more extreme than the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, so this powder is definitely for those who like their highlight to really stand out.  The only drawback to this product that we've noticed is, similar to the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, the mess - the Loose Pearl Shadows come in a small plastic bottle with a black screw-top, so the product must be dumped out in order to be used.  But again, the effectiveness, price, and colors offered (30 shades) require us to be more than lenient in our critique of the packaging.

xoxo nichole