Maternity Photoshoots

Maternity photoshoots are an amazing way to capture memories of glowing pregnancy (before the swollen feet and waddle-stage ;)  Let us pamper your beautiful body-for-two and style your hair and makeup for your first baby-and-me pictures!  Use the below as inspiration - there's something for every mom's style!  Be you, love that body, and congratulations!

xoxo nichole


A little bit at a time

Would you love to shorten your hairstyle but are afraid to make the chop?  Enter: Fringe - or "bangs" - a beautiful way to reinvent any hairstyle.   The most flattering fringe lies just above the eyelashes and frames the face, working with the bone structure to enhance features, rather than fighting to make it's own statement as a hairstyle.  Fringe should never be heavier or more full than the look of the rest of the hair - consider it an accoutrement, not the main attraction.   So go ahead!  Live - a little ;)

xoxo nichole


Fall 2013 Wedding Hair Trends


Fall Wedding Trends: Sheer Simplicity 

Fall hair trends for this season will most certainly be inspired by colors of nature as well as fabrics and textures that are sheer and neutral. Deep colors contrasted with champagnes and burlap touches, will be a popular canvas for many brides.

Styles will reflect the simplicity of classic simplicity of color and decor choices: low and high buns, sleek and sculpted chignons, and French twists will all offer that much sought-after vintage feel.  Cathedral veils with lace-lining are also big this season.  

I would personally love to see hair accessories used on bridesmaids in varying ways - fresh flowers, boho-chic headbands, and flower crowns are always beautiful accents.  I often suggest that Brides add such accessories to their look, or for their Bridesmaids after group photos or the ceremony for a chic twist to add to the Day's beauty and style!

xoxo Marissa


Do you Know How to Glow?




         A very simple pick-me-up trick for any makeup look is to add a highlight.  A highlight can come in any form or consistency, and is that product that is used simply to draw attention to the planes of the face on which light naturally lands. Typical placement areas include the tops of the cheek bones, under the brow-bone, at the inner corners of the eyes, down the center of the nose, and at the Cupid's bow - very top of the upper lip.  We have found that a highlight shade may be applied to each of these areas using the same fluffy-type brush; an eyeshadow blending brush, or a small face-brush.  Highlights are most flattering and are best seen when they are slightly shimmery (glitter is a bit too 13-going-on-30) - this effect lends a glow to those areas of the skin.  Why yes, yes I am this naturally luminescent!

Happy highlighting! 

xoxo nichole