If it's free then it's for You!

It's that time again....one of my favorite times...and I am guessing yours too!  Free stuff time!  We are doing a giveaway for the month of July, and of course, we are not revealing the prize until you have won, but it's always something fun and worth the effort!  Seriously, I have a hard time not keeping them for myself:)  So, this time we are asking everyone to answer a simple question in the comment section below and the first person to get it right...is the winner!  So here it is...


Name that Makeup Artist!

He is considered one of the top makeup artists today.  His clients include Iman, Tyra Banks, & Vanessa Williams, to name a few.  He was also the first African American spokesperson for Revlon. 


Let us know the answer below and we may have something fun for you!  And Go..