Dirty Little Secret!

Hey ladies! Today I want to share a well kept secret that will keep your hair looking and smelling 'pretty' longer, regardless of how 'dirty' it may seem! We have had those days when we are just in too much of a rush or had an Early morning work out and do not want to restyle our hair,  now you don't have to! With Bed Heads RockAholic Dry Shampoo you can literally rock your hairstyle for a day longer. We all know about the baby powder trick that leaves your hair full of powder at the roots and is totally visible, especially if your are a brunette. So let's not do that anymore. Bed Head Dry Shampoo is a lightweight spray for the roots of your hair. When you spray it onto your hair it absorbs all the dirt and oils leaving it looking, feeling and smelling amazing. One of my favorite products by far!!! 

1:  Remove moisture from your hair with blow dryer. 

2: Spray Dry Shampoo at roots of hair 

3: Use fingers to massage product Into scalp and distribute it throughout.  Style as wanted. 

4: Enjoy.  



Rockaholic Dry Shampoo.jpg