Braid Craze

I have always loved braids! Growing up a French braid was a permanent fixture on my head.  Since becoming a hair artist, I have loved trying all different types of braids on my clients, so I am thrilled they are so popular these days!

For all of you that like braids here are some of my favorites.  For special occasions try a waterfall braid cascading into soft curls.

Are you getting married?  A super pretty updo for your special day could be a French braid wrapping down your head in a S pattern ending in a flower bun.  

Add a braid for a cute put together look for the beach or girls night out!  Whatever you do, just have fun with it!  If you need some more braid inspiration, check out our pinterest board on braids here...

Happy Braiding!



Waterfall braid.jpg
Flower Bun braid.jpg