Product Spotlight: Kenra Light Hold Hairspray

Sooo...many of us are not huge hairspray fans. We don't like the way it make our hair feel or look, we cannot stand the smell and so on. Well, Kenra Light hairspray nailed it with their flexible hold hair spray specifically designed with all those factors in mind! First of all it smells amazing! Every time I use it on someone at a wedding or in the salon I get the same comments, "It smalls like candy", and it really does. Aside from smelling amazing it feels amazing. It is a working spray meaning you can finger through and manipulate the hair after using it. It will not weigh  your hair down or leave it sticky or "hair sprayed". It is the best hairspray to give you minimal control and hold. Lastly Kenra Light looks fantastic. Because it is a light weight product you will never get a hair spray look even if you use a ton of it. It is meant to be built on layer by layer adding little layers of texture with each spray not a one spray and done kind of product. Kenra Light hold is ideal for styling hair, women with fine hair who need added texture and for an everyday down style with little commitment.