So we are starting a more time!:)

So here goes something.... 


I have tried a few times to start a blog that would encompass tips, trends, recent clients work, along with vendors and venues we love.  And for some reason, I just can't get past the first month or could be bad timing, it could be my hubby and 4 children that keep me away (i mean that in the best way possible!) from the computer, or it could just be that I get excited about starting something new and once the excitement wears off and I realize now I actually have to post things, I give up. 

Well, this time is different!!!  How do I know?   A few things...I realize this is a commitment I must stick with, if I want to bring quality info to the masses (and I do) and I now have the most incredible ladies on my team that are willing to share their knowledge with you on the blog, I mean seriously, these ladies are amazing!!!  Plus 3rd times a charm, right?!!!  Or is that 3 strikes and you are out?  Either way, no room for failure this time! 

So without further ado...I bring you the new Collective Creations Blog!  We are pumped, I hope you are too!


ps. Our first official post is sure to check back:) 




CC Senior Artist