Senior Sweetness

We recently had the opportunity to do some fun and very sweet senior potraits with the oh so talented Kristina Houser of Kristina Houser Photography!  Both of these young ladies have bright futures ahead of them.  They are talented and gorgeous...oh and did I mention complete smarty pants!  The icing on the cake though, was their very sweet personalities, in my opinion, this just makes or breaks a young ladies beauty!  So they have it made:) 


Here's a few images of their "senior portraits"!  I mean, seriously, where in the world were these kind of photos when I was a senior!!  Maybe I just dated myself a little there..haha..nevertheless here they are!  Thank you Kristina for sharing your talent with us!  And those of you headed to your Senior year next year, don't forget how important hair and makeup can be in those photos that will be on display for all to see for the rest of your life!:)



Senior Artist